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Concept: The most beautiful boat race in the world, capturing the moment when the Dhows cross the finish line, and marks a new moment in time Dubai sets sail for the past as dozens of dhows recreate a golden age of shipbuilding. Skimming the surface of the sea, brilliant white sails billowing in the wind, they are a timeless image of elegance. They are also keeping alive an ancient tradition of shipbuilding. The ships – recognizable by their triangular lateen sails – were once used on the trade routes across the Indian Ocean. Sir Bu Nair is the starting point as it is where pearl divers stopped to rest on their way home from months at sea.


Outcome: A timeless elegance in design is the pinnacle for architectural and decorative elements. The simplicity and the refined details of the Dhows were extract along with the details of the equipment, and the masculine grace of the sails, bringing this timeless tradition, into the present day, the present minute


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