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Often referred to as the “Gateway of India,” Mumbai is a place that is characterized by color, energy and life. It is a place where different people from various cultures, religions and economic backgrounds exist peacefully, permeating an attitude of unity and fortitude.
The sales gallery style takes cues from the architectural façade of The Park development. There is an unexpected coupling of faceted elements with undulating curves. The style is both modern and surreal at the same time. Reflective and satin metal elements contrasting with faceted light and dark marble tones are used throughout to create a rich and moody yet charming interior.

The art derives from the sculptural futuristic, yet very organic language of the interior. Faceted interior components, with undulating designer furniture lines create a synergy while complimenting each other. Abstract pleated motion art elements morph to create a lifted experience of the space while channelling ethereal beauty."


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