Hilton Washington DC National Mall

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Brief: Completely demolish the interiors and renovate this former Loews Hotel on Hilton in Washington, D.C. located less than a mile from the National Mall.

Concept: The Hilton Washington DC National Mall design is inspired by the clean and contemporary modern aesthetic exemplified by the architecture of all the structures on Hilton Washington DC National Mall, while recognizing that today’s guests for this hotel in the nations capital embrace the notions of timeless luxury and youthful ambition in their outlook and lifestyle. Studio HBA’s design solution creates a series of distinct venues located along an interior street and attempts to break down the rigid grid of the hotel through the use of sweeping edge lit curvilinear ceiling planes and floor patterns which gently guide the eye of guests and create the illusion of movement.

Design: Arriving guests to the lobby are greeted by a sweeping undulating dimensional light fixture in two full bays of an overhead atrium well which features individually addressable fixtures that can create moving colors or patterns across the entire fixture and sets the tone for the entire lobby experience. New curvilinear front desk modules with backlit organic screens embrace guests and allow for more personal engagement and an impactful check in experience.

The guestrooms at Hilton Washington DC National Mall draw inspiration from both nature and the architecture of the area with full scale abstract interpretations of cherry blossom branches incorporated into the headboard upholstery designs and hinted impressions of the Lincoln Memorial printed onto the drapery shears. Clean wood look flooring and hidden light sources lend an air of very modern sophistication to the rooms and a generous quantity of double king rooms offer a unique up market choice to the guests of this reimagined hotel.


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