Hanas IFC Headquarter

Workplace / Shanghai / China


Brief: To create a new generation office space, aiming to present the company with a strong office culture. 

Concept: Designers created new Hanas corporate standards, and adapted innovative technology into and open work layout program. The design assists in promoting efficiency, dynamisms and functionality, integrating various types of spaces, including Hanas Demo Centre, High Mobility work-points, Lab/Server areas, collaborative spaces as well as high-end customer facing facilities. Full wall graphic was used in the 53F open office area to enhance the Hanas Group culture. While on the 55FL a more high-end feeling was created for Exclusive and VIP guests. Intelligent system and advanced IT were incorporated into the project. A strong company culture was presented through motorized windmill models and a curving wall. 

Outcome: A project which is recognised by Hanas Leaders, Employees, as well as Customers as a highly successful project reflecting latest international standards of design.


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